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LP Claw Microphone Clamp (LP592A-X)

Latin Percussion (LP)
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The LP Microphone Claw LP529A-X is a versatile and durable microphone mounting solution ideal for musicians, sound engineers, and recording professionals. Made from high-quality materials, it securely attaches to various surfaces, such as drum rims, percussion instruments, and amplifier cabinets, ensuring optimal microphone placement.

Its flexible gooseneck arm allows precise positioning, capturing sound from the perfect angle without unwanted movement. The heavy-duty clamp provides a firm grip, preventing slippage during performances or recording sessions. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to transport and quick to set up, making it ideal for live shows, rehearsals, and studio use.

Compatible with most standard microphone clips, the LP Microphone Claw LP529A-X integrates seamlessly with existing gear. Its reliable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a top choice for achieving high-quality sound capture in any setting.